I've Got Your Back.


Rev. Ralph Andracchio, CEG
Professional Life Coach and
Ordained Minister

My calling is using applied improvisation and years of coaching, teaching, and performance experience to connect with clients and support them with major shifts in their lives. I partner with clients to support them in finding their authentic selves, embracing who they really are and what they really want, and then making major shifts in thinking and process to start on a new path to success and happiness. When you are more in touch with your true self, you become more thoughtful about how you speak to yourself, your colleagues, and your customers, you begin to discover your true values, set superior goals, and begin to lead a more successful life. I am excited to partner with you and start the journey.

I began my coaching journey in improvisational theater in 2008, and for the last decade I've been exploring this art form through performance, instruction, workshops, and coaching sessions. I have performed and taught all over the US, guiding hundreds of students to improve their scene work and become happier and more confident.

I now use applied improv techniques in concert with my coach training to give my clients tools that empower them to live more focused, mindful, confident lives. Improv is all about discovery and finding those “A-HA” moments that light up the room and connect everyone. Those moments exist all around us every day, waiting for us to be ready to find them and explore them.

And as an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, I support individuals and couples as they take the next step in their personal evolution and link their lives with each other.

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