Frequently Asked Questions


What is a life coach?

A professional life coach is someone who is trained to be an objective voice that can assist you in identifying specific goals and then reach those goals faster and with ease. A life coach can raise your awareness of what your deeply held values really are, and then support you in aligning your life to better match those values.

How can life coaching help me?

You are unique and awesome just as you are. You just need some support in discovering your true values, connecting with what drives and excites you, and building a plan to reach your goals. Life coaching is a judgement free, unbiased, safe, and confidential space where you can explore these ideas and make lasting changes. With the help of a life coach, you can achieve a happier, more fulfilling life!

What's the difference between life coaching, therapy, consulting, or a close friend?

A professional life coach engages with you exactly as you are in this moment, listens to where you want to be in the future, and then raises your awareness of attitudes or behaviors that are holding you back. Life coaches won't dig into past traumas like a therapist would. Life coaches also provide ongoing, consistent support unlike consultants. And unlike a close friend, life coaches are objective, unbiased, and have a healthy distance from your daily life.

Will the coach do all the work for me?

A life coach will be a constant source of support, but really it's up to the client to do all of the heavy lifting in a coaching relationship. The life coach will hold their clients accountable to the goals they set for themselves and champion all of the positive changes that occur.