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Confidence. Courage. Control.
Do you find yourself second-guessing everything you say?
Do you defer to the other person’s point of view when you are having a conversation?
Do you feel voiceless at your job or in your relationship?
Do you dread meeting new people, trying new experiences, or asking for what you deserve at work?

Conversation. Communication. Collaboration.
Do you wish you could be that person who can effortlessly talk to anyone?
Do you wish you could make your point and actually be heard and acknowledged?
Do you wish you could support your work group in becoming more efficient and effective?

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself, your partner, your family, and your coworkers?

If so, you’ve arrived at the right place.


Who I Am

With over a decade of experience, I use my training as a life coach and applied improvisation practitioner to strengthen your communication skills and set you on a success-centered path. You have huge reserves of untapped potential for change. Let’s partner up and get you ready for some major positive life shifts!

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What I Do

My goal as a life coach is to partner with you to find those moments of clarity when discovery and change can happen. Examine your true values, shine a light on your road blocks, explore where you are and where you’d like to go, and strategize to achieve success. Eliminate tolerations. Make healthy shifts in your personal routines. Gain focus around business decisions. Find your authentic self.

When you’re ready to invest in yourself or your business, connect with me!

Let’s do this!


How We Do It

Whether you’re an individual looking for courage and confidence, a manager looking to improve connection and collaboration with your team, or an organization looking for more tools and skills to invest in your employees, there is a coaching program that’s right for you. Through focused weekly sessions or targeted workshops and programs, we partner to make you’re next step a clear and confident choice.

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Coaching is for everyone!

We could all use a safe, non-judgemental space to figure out our next move or learn new tools. Take the leap and try a session!