Sometimes we all need a reminder…

Coaching isn’t just about the conversational aspect of the partnership. It’s also about providing tools, support, and inspiration to motivate, excite, and inspire. Here you can find different resources I’ve either written, created, or found along the way that can help give you a boost when you need it. Take a look and enjoy!

Please note that the Motivation Monday Minute videos and Jawn of a New Day blog posts are my own materials, and I ask that you receive permission before sharing them in any way. The quotes found here are not my own and are shared with credit to the author.


Motivation Monday Minute

None of us have time to watch a long video, or listen to a long-winded talk about a simple subject.
What if there were short, insightful, interesting, useful videos that had useful info you can use RIGHT NOW that were only 60 seconds long?
Well, you found the right page. Take a look. Take a listen. Take something interesting with you for the rest of your week!

Jawn of a New Day

The word ‘jawn’ in Philly is the most amazing word. It can be anything to anyone, and be used as any form of word you can think of. Need a noun? That jawn over there can work. Need a verb? I jawned that sentence for you. It can mean multiple things to multiple people. So that’s why I decided to use it to name my blog posts.
Here you’ll find some interesting articles I’ve written about things that inspire me, confuse me, or make me think.
Please feel free to read through them and let me know your thoughts!

Inspirational Quotes

In my search for tools and reminders to give my clients, I have amassed a small collection of quotes I’ve found around the internet that speak to a specific facet of my work in general. I’ve gathered them here to be a place where you can come, read, and hopefully find words of wisdom that speak to where you are right now and where you’d like to go in the future.