...and so it begins

Journey. Jaunt. Expedition. Road Trip. Whatever you want to call it, I’m on it. And I have been for the last 43 years. Seein’ the sights. Doin’ the thing. Just like everyone else. I’m growing and changing and becoming the thing I was always meant to be. And I could pretty it up with new age language and soothing whale song in the background and talk about how the answers came to me while holding my breath underwater in my bathtub.

But I won’t.

Cuz it didn’t.

Listen, I’ll tell you right off the bat I’m just like you. Full of my own brand of doubt, neuroses, nervous ticks, and crappy inner voice. I take the subway everywhere. I like tacos and red wine. I’m noticing new things about myself every day and studying on how to make smarter, healthier choices. And I’m not going to be that guy who pretends I popped out of a coaching melon from the enlightened farm fully formed and ready to heal the world.

But there is one thing I’ve always been able to do better than most anyone else… listen. People have always come to me to unload about anything and everything, and I was always good at helping them feel heard and acknowledged. And I’m actually interested in what they had to say. And genuinely curious about where they are and where they want to go.

I am a storyteller.

And I love to hear people’s stories.

So I became a comedic improviser and have spent the last decade teaching and coaching and directing improv all over the US. And learned how to listen, ask questions, and be curious at a whole other level.

And then I found life coaching. And began training how to listen, and ask questions, and be curious at still another level.

So now I want to make my own luck. Here. With this training. This business. This moment. This jawn. I’m ready to listen. And tell you when you’re being an ass. Cuz that’s what you deserve.

Will some say this blog is a bad idea? Sure. Will some say I’m coming off too unpolished and uncoach-like? Probably. Will I win any awards for my linguistic grace? Nope.

But what this blog WILL do is help me find my voice. It’s in there. Among all the training, and classes, and shows, and workshops. Mingling with the knowledge, and the skills, and the facts. It’s on its own journey… finding its way to the surface. And I’ll help it any way I can. Writing these posts. Sharing my journey. And hoping that some of you will connect with that journey and want to connect with me to support you in yours.

Let’s see where this jawn takes us, yeah?