New Season, Who Dis?

Did spring catch you off guard? Have a growing list of to dos and not enough time to do the to dos?

Here are three points to ponder when considering what to do next…

What do I need to get done first?
Is any one task on the list connected to other tasks that will move forward if this one is done?
What’s stopping me?

Set smart goals!
Are your goals too broad?
Too vague?
Too far off in the future?
Put one foot in front of the other and set small attainable goals. You’ll start flowing in no time!

Celebrate the wins!
Did you check something off your to do list?
Finally de clutter the clutter?
Make a molehill out of a mountain?
Congrats! Take a victory lap!

Take your time. Take a breath. Take the reins. You got this!

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